The philosophy of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University is that “knowledge should be propagated and disseminated to individuals without let or hindrance and that teaching and research would be focused primarily at providing the needs of the Nigerian Society, mankind generally”.

Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences in general take origin and bearing from the Basic medical sciences; they collectively form the theoretical basis of medical practice in particular.

The philosophy of the Faculty of Basic Medical Science is “to advance frontiers of knowledge of Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences by producing Medical, Biomedical and Health Scientist and Researchers with sure solid foundation, who would be focused primarily at providing the Medical, Biomedical, Biotechnological and all Health needs of the Nigeria Society and mankind in general”.



 It is important to emphasize that the broad objective of health and medical education varies from country to country, and from institution to institution. The overall objectives of Health and Medical Education in any country will depend on the answer to the basic question “what is the role expected of the health / biomedical scientist (personnel) after graduation?”

The aim of faculty of Basic Medical Sciences is to produce graduates who will be able to use their knowledge of Basic Medical Sciences to lift the society off its medical and health related problems and in the development, promoting and maintenance of good, health culture, habits and environment. Hence the Faculty aims at going beyond (the present) undergraduates programmes (MBBS and B Sc.) and post graduates programmes to establishing formidable research institute.

The broad objectives of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences Include:

  • To train and produce highly knowledgeable Medical / Biological / Health Scientists who will be proficient in applying their Basic Medical Science theory and practice to positively impact health delivery in the Nation and beyond.
  • To train and produce Medical/Biomedical/Health Scientists with in depth theoretical and practical knowledge of Basic Medical Sciences who will provide answers to the yearning need for qualified manpower to teach the various aspects of Basic Medical Sciences at undergraduate and post graduate levels in the various institutions in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.
  • These Scientists will be equipped with the skills to design and prosecute research protocols as response to the nagging medical/biomedical/health and health-related environmental problems prevalent in Nigeria, Africa and other developing countries.
  • These Medical/Biomedical/Health Scientists will be vast in Basic Medical Scientific research techniques and methodology to keep abreast with modern advance in Basic Medical Science and all health related sciences.
  • These Scientists will fill the missing link-the big vacuum in Biomedical and Biotechnological and Allied Research Institution and Teams.
  • To train and produce Medical / Biomedical / Health Scientists who would satisfy internationally recognized students, and who could undertake further training towards specialization anywhere in the world.
  • These Scientists will be equipped with sufficient management ability to play their expected vital role in the health care delivery.
  • These Scientists will enjoy improved scholastic and career opportunities in any of the various Medical / Health Institution, Industries and other outfits.
  • These Scientists will also be equipped with adequate entrepreneurial skill to become self-employed and employed of labour.