This is a four-year single honors degree programme in Human Anatomy. The degree is to be denoted by BSc (Human Anatomy).


The course is designed to provide a comprehensive training in Human Anatomy in line with the current trend of development in Biomedical sciences. The aim is to equip the graduated with all round up-to-date knowledge in Human Anatomy. This programme is therefore planned to prepare a cadre of teachers/assistant lecturers and postgraduate students to fill the lacuna in the discipline of Human Anatomy in various institutions in the country and in the rest of the world. At the end of the training, the graduates are expected to have acquired a sound background of the theoretical knowledge and proficiency in the practical aspects of the subjects that will them for a career in any field of Anatomy, and also make them erigibre for post graduate

pursuit in the discipline.


Human Anatomy is a single comprehensive course with various branches such as: – Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy (Embryology), Cytology, Histology, Histochemistry, Genetics, Neuroanatomy etc. These do not form separate courses, hence they are taught simultaneously in an integrated manner theoretically and

practically using the course system approach. Relevant aspects from other subjects like Physiology, Biochemistry etc, will also be taught. All these will be integrated as much as possible to give a composite comprehensive end result that is aB.Sc.Degree in Human Anatomy.

The degree may be awarded with honors or a pass degree’



The entry qualification for the B’Sc’ Course is similar to that for any other degree course Sciences of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Human Anatomy will be in the college of Health


a. West African School Certificate or its equivalent with credit in the following subiects viz: English Language’ Mathematics’ Biology’

Chemistry and Physics in not more than two sittings.The candidate will also be required to Pass UTME


The candidate must have satisfied the present minimum condition of the University  for Admission to degree course and in doing so must have passed in the subject of Physics, Chemistry and Zoology or Biology at the principal level with a minimum of a..C, ,in the higher School Certificate.


The curriculum for the degree (HumanAnatomy) programme shall extend over period of (B)semesters’

  1. Instructions shall be based on course-System’

ii. courses shall be taught by lecturers, tutorials’ practical/clinical demonstrations, or a combination of these.

  1. courses shall be evaluated in terms of course units. A course

unit is designed as one lecture/tutorial contact hour per weeK