History of Human Physiology

The Department of Physiology came into existence in 1987 with the creation of the Faculty of Basic Medical sciences by the defunct Anambra state University of Technology (ASUTECH). The Department was located in the DALGO building which continues to house the Departmental staff offices, laboratories and administration. The physiology building occupies central and conspicuous location on the Okofia Campus which is indicative of its age and significance in the College of Health Sciences of Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

In 1990, ASUTECH introduced a collegiate system of University administration (ASUTECH Edict of 1989) resulting in the creation of the College of Health Sciences. Prof. G.C. Ezeilo, a Physiologist/Physician, was appointed the first Provost (and Chief Medical Director of the Teaching Hospital) of the new College of Health Sciences. Prof. Ezeilo participated actively in teaching and conduction of practical classes and laid the foundation for a sound academic tradition for which the Department continues to be known for to this day.

The Department secured in 1990 the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council (NMDC) accreditation to conduct its first Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) professional examination in physiology

In 2007, the Department of Human Physiology obtained the full accreditation of National Universities Commission as well as that of the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council for the MBBS degree programme.

A New Faculty and a new name:

The ASUTECH collegiate system placed the Department of Physiology and all the other Departments of the College in one omnibus Faculty of Medicine until 2008.  In 2008, a new Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences was created out of the Faculty of Medicine, and Physiology was transferred back to its original faculty. The same year, the Senate of the University approved a new name for the Department to be known as the Department of Human Physiology”. The new name reflects the full focus and remit of the Department.

At its 114th meeting held on 9th August 2006, the Senate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University considered and approved the establishment of the B.Sc. degree option in Human Physiology. This was later followed by a resource assessment visit by the National Universities Commission from 2nd to 8th December, 2007. Having satisfied by the report of the resource visitation panel, The Commission then granted the University the approval to establish the B.Sc. degree programme in Physiology. The first set of students for the B.Sc. degree programme was admitted in the 2008/2009 academic session.

The curriculum of the Department of Human Physiology has undergone major reviews since 1989 till date. The reviews relate to development of courses for new programmes, updating of existing courses in line with international perspectives and trend in physiology. In addition to the B.Sc. (Human Physiology) degree programme, the Department of Human Physiology implements courses for the following programmes;

  1. a) The MBBS degree pre-clinical physiology for parts II and III students (1989-date).
  2. b) Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology (FHST) service courses for: Radiography, Nursing, Medical Rehabilitation, Medical Laboratory Science and Environmental science Departments (2005-date).